Writer, Director, Producer.
Cameraman, Editor for hire.

Writer / Director / Producer

2012, New York          Writer/Prod. - “C 299792km/s“ Short Film                 

2011, Copenhagen      Director/Prod. - “And So Are You“ Music Video
                                    -2nd Place at the Roskilda Festival Film Marathon

2011, Berlin                  Writer/Director/Prod. - “The Red Paddle“ Short Film 12min

2011, Berlin                  Director/Prod. - “The Hallway of Mirrors“ Music Video
                                    -Premiered on the Independent Film Channel

2010, Hudson NY       Writer/Director/Prod. - “Hochmut: vier Skizzen“ Short Film 5min

2009, Nevada              Director/Prod. - “Desert Wind“ Short Film 3min
                                    -Featured in the Road Junky Film Festival 2010

2009, Hudson, NY       Writer/Director/Prod. - Within a Forest“ Short Film 30min
                                    -FilmColumbia Kodak Film Award 2009
                                    -Featured in Int. Student Film Festival Hollywood 2009

2007, Hudson, NY        Writer/Director/Prod. - “CODA“ Short Film 30min
-FilmColumbia Student Selection winner 2007
                                    -Featured in the Int. Student Film Festival Hollywood 2007
                                    -Featured in the DNA Film Festival Toronto 2007

Additional Film Work (Selected)

2013, Berlin                Camera/Edit – "Paulsbaeg" Fashion Spot

2013, Berlin                Camera"Karma Chuhks" Promotional Video
                                    Reframe Video Production

2013, Berlin                Editor"De Fofftig Penns: Bundesvision" Promotional Video
                                    TV Total

2013, Berlin                Editor"Polyvore: Golestaneh" Promo Video
                                    Featured on

2013, New York         Camera/Edit."Art Omi Residency Program" Presentation Video

2012, New York         Cameraman – “Restaurant Stakeout“ Reality TV
                                    Preproduction casting team

2012, New York         Camera/Edit. – "McGivney Center Promo" Fundraiser Spot

2012, New York         Camera – "Guess Jewlary: Mens" Product Videography

2011, Berlin                Camera/Edit. - "Abnormal Promo" Gallery Promotion

2011, Berlin                1st A.D. “Nahende Ferne“ Short Film
                                    Director: Simon Ruschmeyer (MDX Films)

2011, Berlin                A.D. Intern– „Stuckrad Late Night“  TV Talk Show
                                    Director: Christian Ulmen (Ulman Television)

2010, Berlin                Production Manager - “Ain’t Got Wings“ Music Video
                                     Director: Moritz Dirks (MDX Films)

2009, Boston             Grip and Electric – “Girlfriend“ Feature Film
                                    Director: Justin Lerner (Wayne/Lauren Film Company)

2006, NY                    Locations Intern – “Cake Eaters“ Feature Film
                                    Director: Mary Stewart Masterson (7th Floor Productions)

2005 – 2009               Bard College at Simon’s Rock, MA – Literature and Film
                                    Bachelor of the Arts (Summa Cum Laude)
                                     - Achievement in the Arts Award

2007 – 2008               Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana
                                    -Honor Student for two transfer semesters

1989 – 2005                Homeschooled